Train-hopping, wheat-pasting, trying to help people out some.

Kaid began taking photographs in the mid-90s of industrial landscapes, mostly graffiti and train yards. Only when he moved to Taiwan and fully experienced another culture did he begin to focus his camera on people, where and how they lived. Over the past 7 years, his interest in the ways of other people has spanned over 30 different countries, on sometimes less than reputable modes of transport. His images reveal curiosity, sense of adventure and gifted connection with people, traits that mark the best (and most grateful) of travellers.

Kaid likes to wheatpaste large-scale reproductions of his photographs in locations that provide either a stark contrast or poetic similarity to his subjects. While working in this direction in the Philippines, Kaid noted that the people of Manila, its capital, were surprisingly eager and happy to offer him their assistance. He was inspired by their generosity, as they had so little but shared lots anyway. So, he decided to return the favor. Kaid became a part of these neighborhoods, teaching their children and learning their stories in order to bring them to the world’s attention.

With his body of work, of which Homeschool is an essential part, Kaid hopes to somehow, somewhere along the way, make a real, measurable change in the dynamics between those who have and those haven’t much of anything at all. He tells the children he teaches to “dream big,” probably because his own feet are so firmly off the ground at all times.



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