Jojo Guballa is a graduate of AB Psychology and BS nursing. Working previously as a tour guide, he traveled around the Philippines and saw the poverty everywhere. Always having been interested in human behavior and culture, Jojo craved to help solve the problems of the poor. He then decided to be a volunteer teacher in different institutions such as public schools and orphanages. In March 2011, he met Kaid Ashton who introduced him to HOMESCHOOL. Helping in Kaid’s search for new places to do HOMESCHOOL, Jojo brought Kaid to the North Cemetery and the Tondo Slaughterhouse where both of them eventually did classes together.

When Kaid left for Hong Kong, Jojo decided to make Homeschool part of his regular schedule. He started a Sunday Homeschool class last June, 2011 at Barangay Hall Vitas,Tondo and has been teaching there every Sunday since.

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