Across The Dump

A gateway to the garbage dump, this community sits across the river and is home to many families who make their income in ways that do not involve the dump. Walking back from teaching at the dump, I felt bad that I came through the community without educating the children, so I decided to stay and teach back-to-back classes. By the end of this marathon day when the thermometer hit 35, it was time for a shower and a day off.

Supper is on.

The captain of the boat that navigated the narrow channel. He insisted that we see the entire community. Some interesting homes were discovered on the journey and made me feel very thankful that I even have a pillow and a bed to sleep on let alone all the amenities.

The houses. Most look weak and ready to collapse, but somehow many of the residents displayed smiles and were friendly when we came round to their community.

The class was smaller than usual, but it was the second class of the day and these kids exhausted me.

Ricardo killin it with the skyline in the background. Nice work.

Class was interrupted with Lady Gaga being belted out on the exterior of the makeshift classroom. I discovered this guy pouring his heart into Poker Face. It was his birthday and I left him with a polaroid of him and his boys to remember the day..


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